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We are open 7:30 to 5 Monday through Friday or by appointment.
At Kuhwald Contact Lenses our goal is to make every patient feel valued and their visit special. We strive with each patient to not only meet their visual needs, but also to accommodate any physical challenges or concerns.

All of the employees at Kuhwald Lens Company are cross trained so that they can help patients in all areas, and ensure that they receive exceptional contact lens services with professionalism, compassion and kindness.

E. Paul Kuhwald, FCLSA (Fellow, Contact Lens Society of America)
Certified Contact Lens Specialist
Employed since 1972
Expertise: Patient care, contact lens design and fitting.

E. Paul Kuhwald, FCLSA is a registered contact lens specialist with the Contact Lens Society of America. He specializes in the custom contact lens fitting of difficult cases, post corneal transplants, keratoconus, multifocal astigmatic designs, pediatric fitting, and teenage issues since 1972.

In 1981, Mr. Kuhwald became President of Kuhwald Contact Lens Company Inc, a practice in Wilmington devoted solely to contact lens patients, referred by ophthalmologists & optometrists in the Tristate area. He has been trusted for decades by A I DuPont Hospital for Children, Wills Eye Hospital, numerous physicians from Sussex County, Salisbury, Maryland and other private ophthalmology practices

Mr. Kuhwald was appointed Clinical Instructor in the Department of Ophthalmology at Temple University School of Medicine for the years 1976, 1977, and 1978. He served on the Board of Directors of the Contact Lens Society of America from 1977-1984 and again from 1991-1993. Since 1975, he lectured numerous times to professional contact lens groups including-- the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Contact Lens Society of America, the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology, the Pacific Coast Contact Lens Society, and the Canadian Ophthalmic Dispensers Society.

Paul is an Army veteran, having served as a medic, in Vietnam. He studied Pastoral theology with the Loyola Institute of Ministry. Paul published a book of poetry "Alive and Free."

  Mary Louise Kuhwald
Employed since 1976
Expertise: Patient training and fear facing.

Discussion: Mary, our Vice-President and Office Manager, supervises the company’s five employees. She is a contact lens instructor in Wilmington and Lewes. She specializes in helping each patient learn how to insert, remove, and maintain contact lenses, especially patients with limited dexterity and mobility. Mary teaches contact lens insertion and removal to the parents of babies born with congenital cataracts or very young patients who could benefit from contact lenses. Many prospective patients are fearful of touching or putting something in their eyes. She takes the time needed to help these patients overcome their fears and achieve a successful result.

  My name is Patti and I've worked at this wonderful place since 2002. I feel so much at home, that it's hard for me to remember when I haven't worked here. My previous jobs are much like everyone who works here. I started out as a bank teller, then was a pre-school teacher. My goal is to make sure that everyone is scheduled correctly and that they are comfortable in the office. Sometimes, I chit-chat with our patients to put them at ease.

Kuhwald Contact Lenses is a wonderful place to work for many reasons. The main reason is that I help Paul and Mary do wonderful things for our patients. The administrative staff takes on the day-to-day tasks to free Paul and Mary up to use their skills without having to worry if the rest room has paper towels. I can do that. I can also make sure that everyone is scheduled properly so that Paul or one of the instructors has plenty of time to give every patient the time they need to get the best result, and I get the satisfaction of knowing that I had a part in our patient's success.

Robin My name is Robin. I was a patient long before I started working for Kuhwald Contact Lenses. My parents gave me contacts as a graduation present, and my eye doctor recommended Paul Kuhwald. I am still a patient as well as an employee. I use my experience and training to teach patients how to wear and care for their lenses and my knowledge to help our patients when they feel most helpless, like when they lose a lens. The friendliness of both patients and staff is what keeps me at Kuhwald Contact Lenses.

My job is to help patients become confident when they handle their lenses. I take as much time as needed to help the patients overcome their fears and successfully wear contacts. I even taught Paul and Mary's children how to wear and care for their lenses. I listen to the patient's needs and concerns and work with them to try and meet all their expectations. I am very good at what I do because I know how much better I see with contacts. It is great to be part of a team that brings success to our patients.

I'm Mary Jo. I started at Kuhwald Contact Lenses in 2002. Kuhwald's is a delightful place to work! We try to provide a comfortable environment for our patients, as well as superb vision care. I help to do that in a variety of ways: by responding to patients as quickly as possible when they call with a question or concern; by calling patients to be sure that they are making the progress that they expected and providing any necessary follow-up; by scheduling patients and fitting them into the schedule when the patient has an urgent need; and by engaging with patients in a friendly, upbeat manner. Every person here at Kuhwald Contact Lens Company is dedicated to patient care. We work like a tag team, pitching in to help improve vision for each of our patients.

It is satisfying to hear comments from patients with praise for Paul Kuhwald's expertise, patience, and tenacity in providing them with the very best in contact lens use, care, and visual acuity.

  My name is Donna and I may be one of the first people you meet when you visit Kuhwald Contact Lenses on Foulk Road. My job is to take care of the person who is our patient by helping with their lenses, checking on their progress with new lenses, and answering questions about their lenses. One of the most important tasks that I handle is scheduling for both the Foulk Road and Lewes locations. I’m proud to be a part of the friendly Kuhwald Lenses family that helps Paul Kuhwald provide such personalized service to everyone who visits us.

  I’m Kim. My job at Kuhwald Contact Lenses is to welcome you into our friendly place and to take care of your experience with us. I’m new to Kuhwald Contact Lenses, but some of you will recognize me after my almost 10 years with Astell Contact Lenses in Limestone. At Kuhwald Contact Lenses, I answer your questions or refer the question to someone who can give you a better answer. I help you schedule your appointments, make sure your lenses are correct when you receive new lenses, and make sure that you have everything you need to begin using your lenses immediately. I look forward to seeing old friends and friends I haven’t met yet.